Tarot & Spirit Guides Masterclass

Connect to your spirit guides and those of your clients.

Language: english

Instructors: Katie McBrien

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Why this course?


In this 80-minute training, learn how to connect with your and your clients spirit guides to help take your readings to the next level.

In this course, we go over:

  • What are spirit guides
  • the purpose of our guides
  • meeting with your guides
  • adding in tarot
  • and much more.

This course teaches you all about how to find, connect, and work with spirit guides.

Course Curriculum

Welcome to Tarot & Spirit Guides Masterclass
Welcome to Tarot & Spirit Guides Masterclass
Tarot & Spirits Guides Masterclass (86:00)
Angel Connection Meditation
Ancestors Meditation
Shamanic Drumming
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