Tarot 101

Katie McBrien's 101 course teaches you the in's and out's of reading tarot for yourself with confidence.

You'll be able to rely on yourself and your intuition, rather than relying on books and searching online for meanings.

Language: english

Instructors: Katie McBrien

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Learn tarot in this on demand video course with instructor support in a virtual community. Over Seven hours of video content, to encourage, support and teach you how to use the tarot for yourself and others.


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What You'll Learn:

  • Picking your ideal deck (we are using the Rider-Waite system in this course.)
  • Fundamentals of Tarot
  • Major Arcana
  • Minor Arcana
  • Awakening your intuition
  • Tips, tricks, and tools for further intuitive development.
  • Pre-reading rituals
  • Shuffling and laying out the cards.
  • Doing a full reading for yourself
  • Doing a reading for other
  • Finding your own unique voice

Additional Bonuses:

  • Workbooks and worksheets
    • Tarot keywords PDF
    • Tarot 101 guidebook
    • Pre-Reading checklist
    • Forget-Me-Not Tarot spread book
    • Email reading template
    • Finding your unique voice worksheet
  • A tarot card meditation to help you learn more about a difficult card or reading.
  • Psychic hotlines masterclass

Please note that this course was originally created for Katie's Tarot practice, Business Forget-Me-Not Tarot, which has since transitioned to Katie's main site www.katiemcbrien.com. 

Course Curriculum

Section 1- Foundations
Tarot 101 - Welcome (14:00) Preview
Digital Downloads
Tarot101 Guidebook (PDF)
Tarot Keywords (PDF)
Pre-Reading Checklist (PDF)
Tarot Spreads Guidebook (PDF)
Unique Voice Worksheet (PDF)
Email Reading Template (WORD)
Picking Your Ideal Deck
Tarot 101 - Picking Your Ideal Deck (15:00) Preview
Fundamentals of Tarot
Tarot 101 - Fundamentals of Tarot (7:00)
Major Arcana
Tarot 101 - The Major Arcana (35:00)
The Minor Arcana
Tarot 101 - The Wands (12:00)
Tarot 101- Cups (12:00)
Tarot 101 - The Swords (12:00)
Tarot 101 - Pentacles (9:00) Preview
Section 2- Awakening your Intuition.
Intuition Basics
Tarot 101 - Intuition Basics (9:00)
Strengthening your Psychic Senses
Tarot 101 - Strengthening Your Psychic Senses (20:00)
Other Tips, Tricks, and Tools
Tarot 101- Other Tips, Tricks, and Tools (32:00)
Difficult Cards Meditation
Difficult Cards Meditation Download
Shamanic Drumming Mp3
Section 3- Doing a Reading.
Pre-Reading Rituals
Tarot 101 - Pre-Reading Rituals (19:00)
Shuffling & Laying Out The Cards
Tarot 101- Shuffling & Laying out the Cards. (40:00)
Doing a Full Reading
Tarot 101- Doing a Full Reading (33:00)
Doing a Reading for Others
Tarot 101 - Doing a Reading for Others. (24:00)
Finding Your Voice
Tarot 101 - Finding Your Voice (19:00)
Section 4- Bonuses.
Psychic Hotlines Masterclass
Psychic Hotlines MasterClass (61:00)
Moving Forward
Tarot 101 - Moving Forward (13:00)
Final Quiz
Post Course Evaluation

Certificate of Completion

At the end of this course, there is a short comprehensive quiz, if you score above an 80 % you'll be issued a certificate of completion.

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